Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Contract Review

It seems almost too simple, but before you sign a contract, read it. You may have specific questions; you may not know what questions to ask. Either way, you may be dealing with a person or company that is using a form that they themselves don’t understand, or (more likely) you’ve received a contract that was intentionally drafted to be as one-sided as is possible without raising red flags for an inexperienced reader.

Our lawyers can point out problems you did not find in your review or have not considered, or simply help you understand your contract, including what is mere boilerplate and what should be the focus of any negotiations.

Drafting & Negotiating

Point out problems and offering standard language is relatively easy. However, if you are closing a unique deal, creating the first contract to be used in multiple, near-identical deals, or re-visiting a contract you inherited from a predecessor (or that has gathered a bit of proverbial moss), you will need more than a copy & paste. You will need an experienced contract attorney to draft clear, precise, and enforceable language that works seamlessly with the other deal terms, contract provisions, and (most importantly) the law. If you are “redlining” a contract that was given to you (whether from your contract partner or a predecessor), we can offer improved language that will make your contract fair, clear, and better tailored to the specific needs of your deal. If you are starting from scratch, we can provide anything from basic forms to custom instruments. Moreover, depending on your timeline, business relationship, and market position, we can prepare contracts that range from mutually beneficial, to aggressively tilted in your favor (subject, of course, to any re-drafting upon negotiation with opposing counsel).

Attorneys who specialize in contract law: Joshua M. Schindler, Brian P. Doty

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